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Do you experience traffic jams at peak times before or on your factory premises? myleo / slot is a solution for managing capacities at loading points, gates or bottling plants in real time.
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myleo / slot

Goodbye scheduling chaos! Our key features for the planning processes on your premises.

Recognize the potential of a good time window management tool. We make it possible to increase the throughput speed through targeted communication and optimized planning.
Optimized supply control
Efficient loading and unloading planning
Dynamic gate and staging area planning
Automatic communication with logistics partners
Flexible throughput time calculation
Holistic document exchange between process partners
myleo / slot

Easy to use and a constantly growing range of functions

Numerous standard functions and configuration options allow individual use of myleo / slot. See for yourself!
Any number of loading points
Charging points are capacity monitored and can allow more than one booking at a time, e.g. for gate groups.
Dynamic Data
Do you need specific information in the loading process? The maintenance of your logistics data makes it possible.
Document integration
Document integration of business documents from upstream systems (API) with specification of the loading point and the team.
Dynamic opening hours
Opening hours, break times and public holidays can be displayed as required.
Blocking of loading points
Determine fixed, maximum and minimum time window lengths with a few clicks.
Flexible time windows
Determine fixed, maximum and minimum time window lengths in just a few clicks.
Serial bookings
Does a courier service always come on the same day and at the same time?
Easy web access for your carriers, suppliers, customers etc.
Rule-based notifications via e-mail, SMS, EDI etc.
Invitation functions
Passing on of time windows and invitation function for one-time business partners.
Booking history
Who booked when? Who postponed when and how often? Everything always in view.
Analyses & KPIs
Dynamic evaluation and KPIs. Define your own monitoring.

Appointment scheduling at fair prices!

The fast solution for your start. All types of time slot bookings for you and your service providers.

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Your extended solution for even more resource-saving loading processes with a high degree of process integration.

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Your solution for maximum process automation to control and monitor fully integrated loading and unloading processes.

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No more long and costly implementations.
Appointment scheduling available in a few hours.
myleo / slot
Digitize your processes successfully with myleo / dsc. Your industry is not yet included? Please contact us!

Our expertise lies in diversity.
The quick-change artist also for your branch of industry.

myleo / slot

Your requirements. Your questions. Our answers to frequently asked questions.

A new platform on the logistics market? What distinguishes us from others? Why should I choose myleo / dsc? What is still to come? Questions over questions! Take a look at our FAQ.
Our prices are flexible and very simply structured. You simply pay monthly or once a year according to the corresponding usage volume. Quite simple. Just talk to us about it.
Yes, myleo / dsc can be configured according to your requirements. If you are missing data or events, you can simply add them via a wizard. Quite simply and without our help. If you wish!
Yes, this is possible in the standard system. Simply define a formula and off you go.
Simply a device (laptop, smartphone, tablet). Our solution runs on all devices.
After only a few days you and your partners can use the solution.
Do not hesitate to send us a message. Please contact us.

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