Optimized customer service through real-time data in the delivery process

myleo / tnt

High customer satisfaction through optimized logistics processes has increasingly become a focus for all companies. It is crucial to inform the customer at an early stage about the time of arrival and, above all, about deviations. These requirements must be evaluated even more critically if your customers specify fixed delivery times or desired delivery dates, and you are dependent on information from your service providers. With myleo solutions, we keep you, your service providers and, and your customers up to date at all times. How do we achieve this?
myleo / dsc as customer service platform in transport logistics (tracking / POD / confirmation of receipt).
Learn more about myleo / tnt and how you can use it to optimize and digitalize processes.
myleo / tnt
  • Integration of tracking data from logistics service providers prior to loading and transport to the customer

  • IPermanent ETA calculation for loading and the desired delivery date at your customers’ premises

  • IObservance of internal factory process times (entry, exit, loading, etc.)

  • IDynamic routes and section calculation

  • IObservance of driving and rest periods

  • IDigital documentation of the proof of delivery

  • IProvision of a tracking portal for your customers and service providers

  • ISimple onboarding through team structures and invitation function without time-consuming master data maintenance

  • IDispatch of Alert Message on demand (e.g. your truck will arrive in 30 minutes!) Once all the information has been confirmed, it can be saved in SAP.
Once all the information has been confirmed, it can be saved in SAP.

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