Optimized delivery control with use of myleo / slot and myleo / tnt

myleo / slot

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As a global SAP logistics partner and solution provider, we have specialized in the area of SAP Supply Chain Management (SCM) with the core topics of transportation and warehouse management.
You know the situation: Despite booked time slots, your suppliers or forwarders do not arrive on time, or at the agreed loading dock. Meanwhile, other carriers have arrived before their loading time and could be dispatched. This creates a less than ideal situation for all parties involved. However, with the integration of the myleo / dsc slot and tnt you can solve these problems. Here’s how we succeed:
Collaboration platform for optimal delivery control and integration of suppliers into the delivery process.
Learn more about myleo / slot and how you can use it to optimize and digitalize processes.
myleo / slot
  • Manual or automatic reservation and booking of time windows in myleo / slot

  • Easy access for all process participants via the myleo / dsc platform

  • Posting with and without order reference (e.g. reference to purchase orders or scheduling agreements from SAP) possible

  • Options for "free" posting without interface to previous systems

  • Mapping of customer-specific order and quantity data (e.g. registered number of load carriers, notified quantities, etc.)

  • Real-time integration of current and expected arrival times, comparing against the booked loading dock data

  • If a booking is changed, the schedule change can be sent directly to the mobile device of the driver, who receives the update via push message

  • Consistent transparency of all changes in a system. Make demurrage fees a thing of the past
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