Capacity planning of your loading resources with myleo / dsc

myleo / dsc

It is what is is, right? We know all too well about not efficiently using incoming goods, loading gates, or staging areas, and the resulting issues with personnel and equipment it can cause. Often, it is not a lack of planning, but a lack of transparency on which supplier, forwarder, or customer will arrive at what time. The result is overload of all resources, long waiting times, overtime, and finally higher costs. It doesn’t have to be that way. With integrated and dynamic capacity planning from myleo / dsc, you have the possibility to optimally utilize your logistics resources, alone or in cooperation with your business partners. What can you expect?
Integration of myleo / slot planning tools and real-time data Integration via myleo / dsc.
  • Mapping of flexible opening hours and public holiday calendars of your resources

  • Combination of gate, staging zones, resource capacities

  • Intuitive planning calendar

  • Dynamic capacity calculation depending on the number of load carriers, volume, etc. for loading and unloading. Simple changes by the user without programming possible

  • Evaluations of capacity key figures

  • Business process and business partner dependent capacity calculation (priority customers, etc.)

  • Definition of flexible threshold values

  • Real-time planning and anticipatory planning through integration with myleo / tnt
SAP Integration through backward integration into SAP, plan and actual time window data can also be stored and stored directly in SAP TM or ERP.

We hit the nail on the head? Are you facing exactly the same challenge and want to tackle it? Or just off the mark, because your use case is not yet covered? We look forward to hearing from you with suggestions, questions and tips using our contact form.

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