Digital factory logistics with myleo / dsc

myleo / yard

Digital factory logistics can reduce the throughput time of a truck through the yard by over 50%. All involved partners can benefit from optimal capacity utilization and a digital connection of all process participants. A truck can be assigned a corresponding loading point based on the in-flow information from driver and available slot times. After arrival of the trucks, the check-in takes place directly with a smart phone of the driver in the yard. Depending on availability, the check-in is made directly to the loading point or to a waiting position. All yard information is made available to the driver online via app. Special instructions such as load securing station information, etc. can also be transmitted.
Automatic yard processes and direct truck driver communication.
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  • Avoidance of communication problems with forwarding agents and truck drivers on the factory premises

  • Complete process transparency for all process participants

  • Optimum timing of loading and unloading with automatic loading point call-offs

  • Interaction between warehouse, transport, and yard control

  • Holistic site optimization possible through integration of leogistics dsc (Yard Management)

  • Integration of gatekeepers and security services possible

  • Integration of OCR license plate recognition possible

  • Integration of leogistics kiosk systems possible

  • Integration of charging points sensor technology possible

  • Yard processes can be optimized further using hardware (terminals, sensors etc.)
Yard processes can be further optimized by using hardware (terminals, sensors, etc.). Simple and efficient!

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