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Increase the transparency and collaboration of logistics processes with our track & trace solution. Ensure seamless traceability of your transports! Intelligent planning reliability guaranteed.
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myleo / tnt

Transparency for optimized transport processes. Our key features for your logistics processes.

The integration of telematics, sensor technology, smartphones and other subsystems (WMS / TMS / ERP/ etc.) creates digital process chains in logistics.
Configurable and dynamic notifications (alerts)
Current map information with display of process and asset data
Holistic process control for inbound and outbound deliveries
Tracking of shipments via app and customer portal
Process automation through telematics integration, interfaces or myleo-App
ETA / ATA calculation for process control in warehouse, transport and yard logistics
Supply Chain Control Tower
Process or inventory data from WMS, TMS or ERP systems can be correlated in myleo / tnt with current position and status data of logistic objects (trucks, swap bodies, load carriers etc.) as well as other sources such as weather and traffic data. In this way, myleo / tnt enables the creation of an integrated Supply Chain Control Tower.

Possible use cases:
  • Supply control (inventory management, transport transparency, missing parts management)
  • Delivery control (inbound, yard control, warehouse, transport, proof of delivery)
  • Control Tower for empty and circulating equipment (e.g. swap bodies, tank containers, railway wagons)
  • Container preview for overseas transports
Rules, alerts and milestones are stored directly in myleo / dsc or can be transferred from connected systems such as SAP. A typical example of this is milestone data or planning time stamps from transportation planning. Please contact us to design your Supply Chain Control Tower as well.

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Benefit from the continuous integration of new technologies and accelerate your logistics processes like never before. Be fit for the future!
myleo / tnt
Keep an eye on your transports at all times and intervene quickly whenever necessary. Adherence to delivery dates guaranteed!

Network your data with innovative, digital logistics tools. Set new standards and remain future-proof!

Spare your nerves and keep an eye on when the next truck rolls to your gate. Minimise downtimes, optimise utilisation at loading and unloading points, improve the utilisation of your staff and resources.
Your Challenges Despite the use of time slot management systems, manufacturing companies often do not know when the trucks will arrive at the factory premises. Loading and unloading processes therefore become a game of chance and often cannot be planned. This has an impact on the overall process! Loading takes too long, you have to improvise or reschedule. This does not have to be done!

Our Solution This is where the leogistics solution comes in. By taking over, scanning the freight order for loading, for example, the truck can already be tracked as it approaches the plant. All data protection parameters are of course observed and implemented. In addition, the system permanently calculates whether the planned date of arrival (ETA) can still be met based on the current position, the current traffic volume and the possible driving and resting times of the driver. So-called dynamic isolines (geofence areas) are used to provide automatic notification if the truck is, for example, 30 minutes or 15 minutes away from the plant site.
Your Advantages Always know exactly where your transports are, always up to date, always prepared. You are always able to react to changes at an early stage. Make efficient use of your picking area.
myleo / tnt
Digitize your processes successfully with myleo / dsc. Your industry is not yet included? Please contact us!

Our expertise lies in diversity.
The quick-change artist also for your branch of industry.

myleo / tnt

Easy to use and a constantly growing range of functions

Numerous standard functions and configuration options allow individual use of myleo / slot. See for yourself!
Integrate any kind of traffic telematics - whether truck, train or ship.
Online maps
Better and more accurate maps for your truck transports with our partner here - always exactly the right data.
Quickly and easily define dynamic isolines / geofences for automatic notification of your transports.
Integration ERP / TMS
Seamlessly integrate data from other business processes, such as SAP TM, ERP or S/4 HANA.
Delivery receipt confirmation
After completion of a tour, the app allows you to confirm delivery receipt confirmations (POD).
Always keep an eye on your fleet. Always have an overview of ETAs and upcoming delays.
Integrate sensor data directly into your myleo / dsc and create integrated business processes.
Driver Apps
No telematics integration? No problem with our driver app including status reports, communication, loading information.
Integration myleo / slot
Automatic updates from myleo Slot Management and notifications of the current loading situation.
Integration myleo /yard
Check-in and driver call to the loading point. No problem. Simply scan the QR Code and start.
Additional data fields
Simply define your data fields and extend the solution according to your needs.
Process Tracking
myleo / tnt tracks not only your equipment, but also the linked processes.
myleo / tnt

Your requirements. Your questions. Our answers to frequently asked questions.

A new platform on the logistics market? What distinguishes us from others? Why should I choose myleo / dsc? What is still to come? Questions over questions! Take a look at our FAQ.
The current truck position can be determined via direct telematics connection, via myleo-App or via interface from a TMS system.
An essential basic function of myleo / tnt is the linking of process data from merchandise management systems such as SAP or Oracle and asset data (e.g. truck). Ordering and delivery processes can thus be tracked seamlessly and deviations can be reacted to.
myleo / tnt uses real-time traffic data that allows for permanent ETA calculation.
Of course! Driving times and rest periods can be conveniently managed in our app.
Unexpected events like traffic jams or accidents can be reported via the driver app. These events are then visible in myleo / dsc and can be linked to alerts.
Yes, the combination of both solutions allows you to compare planning data for time windows with actual data from myleo / tnt and thus dynamically intervene in time window planning.
After only a few days you and your partners can use the solution.
Do not hesitate to send us a message. Please contact us.

Fit for the future!
Discover what myleo
cloud solutions can do for you!

Benefit from the continuous integration of new technologies and accelerate your logistics processes like never before. Be fit for the future!
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