News & Updates - 2 Min. reading time - 04.08.2020

Cut throughput times for truck processing

How truck drivers can be digitally navigated on the factory premises.

Your challanges

A lack of orientation on an unknown or large factory site can make it difficult for truck drivers to find their way around and thus be in the right place at the right time. In addition, short-term changes to the loading gate or the loading time can make it difficult or impossible for the truck driver to reach the loading gate. These challenges can slow down the throughput times of a truck handling on the factory premises.

Our solutions

With the myleo / dsc app, the driver can not only be conveniently kept up to date with instructions and information via push message but can also be navigated through the factory premises to the right place. For example, the app can tell the driver to wait in a parking lot and then be called up for loading via push message. In the navigation, the respective plant is displayed with the associated locations such as the loading gates and parking spaces, so that the truck driver can easily and conveniently navigate around the plant premises. The throughput times of a truck handling process can thus be reduced by keeping the truck driver informed about the current procedure and being able to be at the right place at the right time.

Speed up and simplify truck handling for truck drivers with our myleo / dsc solution for factory navigation!

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