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Goodbye time slot gaps!

Compact booking with the myleo / dsc "slot magnet

Digital Slot Management not only offers planning reliability and transparency for incoming and outgoing transports, but also reduces throughput times of logistical yard processes and waiting times at the gate.

With myleo / slot, available time slots are displayed to the external service provider in the booking calendar, which can be selected easily and independently by authorised externals.

Your challenge

With our time slot management solution, carriers can book time slots for loading or unloading flexibly and autonomously. Although this autonomousbooking contributes to better planning and reduces waiting times at the gate, it can also lead to inefficiencies in capacity utilization. Small gaps can arise between two booked time slots, which will not be booked by other service providers for loading or unloading due to their small size. This wastes valuable time at the loading gate.

Our solution

To avoid such idle times and the associated loss of efficiency, we offer a new feature with the myleo / dsc "slot magnet". Here, minimum distances between time windows can be defined individually, which allows compact and efficient booking. Thus, time slots are booked automatically either with a minimum distance to the previous time slot, which allows for further bookings in between. Or they seamlessly follow the previous time slot, thus preventing gaps.

Ensure a more efficient capacity utilization of your loading gates with our myleo / slot solution!

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