News & Updates - 2 Min. reading time - 28.07.2020

Notifications made easy!

Notify orders with myleo / dsc and book time slots integratively

Your challenge

The duration of unloading processes is, among other things, significantly dependent on the quantity. This is also linked to the length of the time window, which our myleo / slot already determines dynamically today. If only parts of an order are delivered, the actual duration often no longer matches the booked time window and it quickly becomes confusing. So how can the notification of partial quantities and the associated time window booking be kept simple and clear for all parties involved?

Our solution

With the notification, myleo / dsc now offers a new feature that allows external service providers to announce deliveries to customers and book a time slot in myleo / slot. The user is guided simply and intuitively through the process. Service providers not only have the option of partial notification but can also combine and announce several orders into one delivery. After notification, the user enters the myleo / slot in order to book a time slot for the notified quantity directly at the designated gate and within the designated booking period. The length of the time slot is determined dynamically based on the notified order quantity.

Notification and integration with myleo / slot not only minimize communication and time expenditure at this point, but also create more transparency for process participants.

Use myleo / slot and the notification solution to keep a clear overview of the scope of delivery!

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